An Emergency Water Purifier / Water Filter
Is Critical For Taking Care of Your Family
In Times of Crisis or Disaster!

So, Here it is… You can make your own Emergency Water Purifier “on-the-cheap” and very easily… Just putting this purifier in your emergency supplies will bring you and your family real peace of mind! Not to mention THOUSANDS of Gallons of Pure Water!

Homemade Bucket Water Filter and Purifier

Here’s How To Make Your Own Homemade Water Purifier

You CAN Make Your Own Homemade Emergency Water Purifier

The “Food Grade” Buckets Are Up To You…

(Buy at a local store or get Free from a Bakery or Restaurant etc.)
But You Can Buy The Black Berkey Elements and A Good Spigot Right Here

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If You Prefer a Much Nicer Model… You Can See Our Full Line of Berkey Water Filters & Purifiers by Clicking HERE or on the image below. We have MANY other options on that site!

See the Full Line of Berkey Water Filters and Purifiers

It’s ALL About the Black Berkey Purification Elements!

Each Black Berkey Purification Element Purifies 3000+ Gallons of Water!

Black Berkey Water Filters & Purification Elements Info

A Few Notes About Building Your Own Homemade Water Filter & Purifier:

  1. The size of the holes doesn’t have to be exact! Drill all holes “just big enough” to accommodate the elements and spigot.
  2. Although the Black Berkey Purification Elements come in sets of (2) you can use as few as (1) element in a homemade bucket purifier or as many as (10) elements. It’s all up to you! Don’t drill any more holes than you are planning to put elements in, otherwise you will need some plugs for the other holes.
  3. A “Food Grade” bucket is ideal! In a pinch, you could use almost any type of bucket or container on a short term basis as long as it did not have toxic chemicals or properties.
  4. If you had no solid containers around… you could use a bag that would hold water and let the element drip into another bag or improvised catch basin. Necessity truly is the mother of invention! ; – )
  5. The upper bucket lid is really just to help keep debris out and not necessary… but very nice to have.
  6. The lower bucket lid can be sealed to the bottom of the upper bucket with silicone sealant or tape to help keep debris from sneaking into your lower pure water bucket. There does have to be some airflow even so, or a vacuum will be created when you open the spigot and the water will flow very slowly.
  7. When you remove the element(s) from the upper bucket, you can “nest” one bucket inside the other for easy traveling.
  8. *Consider giving a “Berkey Bucket Purifier” to friends, neighbors and family members on special occasions. Even with a single element installed you’ll be giving them 3000+ gallons of emergency pure water! Now that is a very thoughtful gift!

PLEASE Tell Your Neighbors About This Site and Help Them Get Prepared BEFORE a Disaster Strikes! We don’t have to be “nuts” or alarmists to help people be prepared… just being good neighbors should do the trick! ; – )

Feel Free to Contact Me if I Can Help You in Any Way!

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